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Origin: Rwanda

Process: Washed

Taste notes: Hints of red grape and watermelon with tart acidity and a sweet, sugary mouthfeel.

Size: 250g

This coffee is seasonally sourced and comes from a small microlot in the western province of Rwanda, owned by the COOPAC cooperative. The cooperative was established in 2001 and their initial aim was to regenerate the coffee sector in the Gisenyi region of Lake Kivu. Their objective is to take advantage of the excellent natural resources in the region and focus on producing the highest quality coffee so as to gain higher returns for collective efforts thereby increasing the well-being of all their members.

Coffees in Rwanda typically undergo both dry and wet fermentation: This lot was de-pulped and fermented for 12 hours before being soaked for 24 hours. The coffee is washed four times, then dried on raised beds for 15–21 days.

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